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Ukrainian immigration to Ireland

Ukrainians arriving in Ireland
How Ireland is implementing  the Temporary Protection Directive


Please check the website for any updated details.
It is intended that the process to obtain temporary protection will be very simple, and the department of Justice and Dept of Foreign Affairs  are working towards issuing the temporary permission certificates at the airport or port of entry as quickly as possible. This will give the holder of the temporary certificate a right to reside for 12 months, and immediate access to the labour market, welfare, health services, education, etc.


The Department of Justice have published an information page on Temporary Protection for persons fleeing the conflict in Ukraine on the 9th March 2022.


It is indicated that the categories of persons eligible for temporary protection are as follows:


  • Ukrainian nationals who were residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022;

  • Nationals of a third country (other than Ukraine) or stateless persons who would have benefited from international protection (e.g. Refugee status) or an equivalent national protection status in Ukraine and have been residing there before 24 February 2022

  • Family members of persons covered by a) and b) where the family already existed in Ukraine at the time of events leading to the mass influx prior to 24 February.

Those family members include a spouse or partner, unmarried minor children of either of them, and their other close dependent family relatives who have been living with them as part of the family unit.


It will also apply to people who had been residing in Ukraine before 24 February 2022 with a permanent Ukrainian residence permit, who cannot safely return to their country of origin.

Temporary protection may also be extended to other people who were legally residing in Ukraine who cannot safely return to their country of origin, including nationals from non-EU countries or stateless persons. People who can safely return to their country of origin will be assisted to do so.

Please review the information note in full at the following link:


We have been told by department officials that persons who came to Ireland prior to 24.2.22 will be accommodated within the T.P. process as each member state is allowed to “go wider” in terms of how they offer temporary protection.
It has been emphasised by department officials that it is not advisable for Ukrainians to apply for temporary protection and international protection, as such applications cannot run concurrently with applications for temporary protection.
For persons who have already applied for protection the department have made it clear that they will be allowed to withdraw from the protection process in favour of the temporary protection status.

In such circumstances it is advisable to obtain an assurance from the IPO such that any subsequent protection application if any would be accepted notwithstanding that an earlier application was considered to have been withdrawn. The IILA are currently seeking clarification on this point with the relevant parties.

Temporary protection status gives immediate access to social welfare , the employment market and housing as well as education for children.

Employment is available to holders of Temporary Protection certificate.

We have been advised by the Department that the Temporary Protection certificate itself is adequate proof to any employer of the applicants entitlement to take up employment in the State.


Text of Council Implementing decision with explanatory memorandum is below

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