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Welcome to the IILA Forum!


The purpose of the IILA Forum is to provide a space for IILA members to connect, share information and discuss issues relating to the practice of immigration law in Ireland.


By using the IILA Forum, you agree that you have read and will comply with the rules, terms and conditions set out below (the “Rules”). 


The Rules govern your participation in and use of the IILA Forum.  The Rules apply to all members of the IILA and/or users of the IILA Forum and constitute a binding legal agreement between you, the IILA, its agents and assigns. In order to maintain the integrity of the IILA Forum as a space for helpful communication among colleagues, the IILA Committee reserves the right to suspend or terminate participation in the IILA Forum for anyone who violates these Rules. 


Questions, if any, should be directed to the IILA Committee via the Contact Us link on this website.


The Rules


1. Only current members of the IILA may use the IILA forum. Members must respect the security of the IILA Forum must not share or provide access to the IILA Forum to non-members. Full membership of the IILA is available to Solicitors who hold a current practising certificate issued by the Law Society of Ireland. Full membership is also available to Solicitors employed full time in the service of the State notwithstanding that a practising certificate does not issue to such persons. Associate membership of the IILA is available to staff employed by and working under the supervision of a Solicitor who is eligible for full membership. For the purposes of these Rules and the Terms of Use, “Member” or “Members” shall refer to both full members and associate members. 


2. The IILA has made the IILA Forum available to members for the purpose of providing a shared space for the discussion of issues relevant to our practice of immigration law in Ireland. You agree to reserve discussions and shared content on the IILA Forum to that area. Only current members of the IILA may use the IILA forum. Members must respect the security of the IILA Forum and must not share or provide access to the IILA Forum to non-members.


3. Discussion content within the IILA Forum reflects the views of individual members only and does not necessarily represent any views held by the IILA. You must rely solely on your own judgment with respect to all issues discussed. 


4. Members are liable for the content of their communications on the IILA Forum. The IILA accepts no liability of any nature whatsoever for any communications posted on the IILA Forum by users of the IILA Forum.


5. Members should exercise both common sense and courtesy in the messages they transmit on the IILA Forum. You agree not to use any defamatory, obscene or otherwise offensive language on the IILA Forum.


6. Information posted on the IILA Forum will not be treated as confidential and, therefore, members should not disclose any confidential, proprietary, or sensitive business or other information. In fact, since any information posted on the IILA Forum may be downloaded, reproduced, and disseminated without the knowledge of member(s), you must use extreme care when posting or sending such information. 


7. Members acknowledge and agree that they (i) will not have any copyright or other property rights in or to information that they (or others) post on the IILA Forum; (ii) specifically waive any such property rights; and (iii) hereby grant all members a license to use (including the right to publish) all information posted by them on the IILA Forum.


8. Members may not post or distribute files, articles or other information subject to trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights, except with the express consent of the owner of the rights.


9. Members are prohibited from using the IILA Forum to communicate about fees or terms of service, or otherwise communicate in a manner that may violate competition laws. 


10. Members are prohibited from posting commercial messages or promotions, advertising, or selling goods or services.


11. The IILA does not assume any responsibility for any websites or resources that are linked to its site or that you browse as a result of a referral you gained through a link posted on the IILA Forum.


12. The IILA Forum must not be used in a manner that violates any applicable laws and/ or any policies, procedures or rules of the IILA, including the IILA Constitution.


13. The IILA Committee will deny access to the IILA Forum to any individual who has not agreed to the terms of these Rules and reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to (i) remove any postings or other content that is not consistent with these Rules or otherwise not in the best interests of the IILA Forum; and (ii) suspend or terminate access to the IILA Forum for violations of these Rules or for otherwise acting in a manner contrary to the interests of the IILA Forum or the IILA.




14. The IILA reserves the right to modify or change the terms of these Rules as it determines from time to time in the best interests of the IILA, provided that all members are notified prior to any such change. Use of the IILA Forum constitutes the user’s continuing agreement to be bound by these Rules, as amended from time to time.


Acceptance of Rules


15. By joining the IILA Forum, you (i) represent and warrant that you have read these Rules; (ii) fully understand the terms of these Rules; and (iii) agree to be legally bound by the terms of these Rules. 


Choice of Law


16. You agree that the Rules (including any amendments therto) shall be governed by Irish law and that the courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction to resolve any disputes arising out of or in connection with the Rules and/or the IILA Forum.

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